Scratch Repairs

Too deep to buff & polish out

Wall closer than you thought? A lot scratches are simply too deep to buff & polish out and there is no miracle cure for this. The panel must be completely resprayed inside our spraybooth & bake oven once the damages have been repaired & undercoated. Metallic colours must be blending into adjacent panel and also resprayed.

Our team consists of fully qualified tradesmen, delivering the highest possible quality repairs and finishes. All repairs are done to the manufacturers specification, following all repair methods to Australian Industry standards and come with a lifetime warranty.

3 Day Repair Process + 1-2 Days Leeway

Average repair time is 3 days however we allow a day or two leeway on every repair

Need a car? Why not drive ours, while we repair yours!

Our drive cars are available for just $40/day + GST with any repair so you can get around hassle free while our technicians repair your vehicle.  Accident not your fault? Your entitled to a replacement car for the duration of repairs, all we need is the claim number of the person at fault.

will meet you here to deliver your replacement car at no cost to you.
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Not at fault? Get a FREE hire car!

Accident that wasn’t your fault? When you choose Bumper Pro to carry out these repairs through insurance you *may* be entitled to a free hire car while your car is off the road!

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