Scratch and Dent Gold Coast

Bumper and Scratch Repairs

bumper-dent-repair-1These days, plastic bumpers are designed to be flexible and have a shape memory. However, if that ‘bump’ is more of a ‘thump’, the bumper won’t spring back and you may also find that the paintwork has cracked and will begin to peel off.

We use heat to soften the plastic so it becomes pliable, then massage it back into its correct shape. We can then repair and respray any cracking paintwork caused by the stress of the impact. All of this is done in a matter of hours, not days.

Please note: Unfortunately, not every bumper can be repaired this way. If the damage is too severe it may still have to be replaced at our repair centre.

Want to see more of our work? Why not check out our bumper repair gallery to see recently repaired vehicles on the Gold Coast.

Scratch Repairs

scratch-dent-gold-coast-1Remove those unsightly marks and scratches! Found a key scratch on your car? While less conspicuous than your average dent or scrape, a fine surface scratch will still affect the value of the car.

If you are selling your car, scratch repair can add hundreds or more to the sale price of your car!

Stone Chip Repairs


Stone chips can be bad news for your car and should be repaired sooner rather than later. Stone chips can gouge away layers of paint and left untouched can cause the exposed metal to rust!

Don’t let a small chip turn into a huge rust problem down the track.

Doors Mirrors and Handle Repairs

Parking and opening your car in tight spaces can result in wear and tear on door mirrors and door handles. They are often the last thing we are thinking about as we swing the door open, until it is too late!

Whether opening your door onto a wall or scratching them with keys or jewellery, the marks are easy to cause and used to be difficult and painful to fix. Bumper Pro can repair these scratches and unsightly damage in a matter of hours at your home or office.

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