Complete Resprays

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We see a lot of vehicles at the Repair Centre that need respraying. Many of the vehicles are damaged down one side such as being scraped with a key or they have accumulated scratches and dings over time that devalue and diminish the look of the car.

Paintwork Back To Life

A professional respray of your vehicle can be performed in our spray booth on the Gold Coast and will bring any tired and neglected paintwork back to life! We professionally sand and prepare the whole vehicle after carefully removing all trim pieces, then we mask and undercoat before finishing with your chosen colour.

Custom resprays and effects

We can even do custom resprays and effects such as crystallising, marbling or lace work as well as airbrush effect with candies. Any car and any colour you can dream off!

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Our Work

Need a car? Why not drive ours, while we repair yours!

Our drive cars are available for just $40/day + GST with any repair so you can get around hassle free while our technicians repair your vehicle.  Accident not your fault? Your entitled to a replacement car for the duration of repairs, all we need is the claim number of the person at fault.

will meet you here to deliver your replacement car at no cost to you.
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