Always Dry Paint and Interior Protection

Paint Protection With

Far superior and cheaper than the dealer!!!

Self-cleaning. Self-healing. Showroom ready – always.

Protect your vehicle’s finish from UV rays, bird droppings, scratches and everyday driving with Always Dry – the self-cleaning, self healing paint protection solution that enhances colour and shine whilst protecting! Always Dry paint protection is suitable for cars, trucks, vans, boats, jetskis, caravans and much more!

Scroll down to see Always Dry’s scratch resistance and self-healing in action!

DetailPro Gold Coast is proud to be one of the few authorised applicators of these cutting edge, paint protection coatings on the Gold Coast!

Paint Protection Prices – Nano tech ceramic coating – complete packages available!

Ultimate in ceramic technology – CHEAPER AND SUPERIOR TO THE DEALER – Call us for car paint protection, van paint protection, truck paint protection, boat paint protection, jet ski paint protection and more!

9H-LDC Pro

Small Vehicle
$ 1100
  • Best for standard cars through to luxury cars

9H-LDC Pro

Medium Vehicle
$ 1300
  • Best for standard cars through to luxury cars

9H-LDC Pro

Large Vehicle
$ 1500
  • Best for standard cars through to luxury cars

Coatings carry a lifetime warranty if the vehicle is new (within 30 days from a dealer) or 5 years if the vehicle is used. All used vehicles require a Pro Buff & Polish prior to application.

Perma-Shine (wheel & tyre)

Rim face $300
Rim full removed $400
Tyre perma shine $50 / tyre (1 coat)
Extra coats, up to 3 coats $15 / coat per tyre
Lifespan for new or used vehicles – 1 year

Fabri-Tech (fabric protection)

Leather, carpets & seats
Full interior $360
Lifespan for new or used vehicles – 5 years

Vision-Tech (Glass Protection)

Front screen $130
All glass $260 (ex glass roof)
Glass roof $130
Lifespan for new or used vehicles – 1 year

Complete Protection Package

Paint, interior, wheel & tyre + all glass
Small $1780 | Medium $1980 | Large $2200

Pro Buff & Polish – If required

Small vehicle from $300 | Medium vehicle from $350 | Large vehicle from $450
(add $100-$200 if car is black or a dark colour – final cost subject to inspection)

Prices above are for new cars thirty (30) days from a dealer. For cars older than this, a Pro Buff/Polish is required before paint protection can be applied.

All pricing excludes GST. Pricing subject to change upon inspection. Interior & exterior detailing required on used cars prior to protection. Refer to our detailing prices. Final price upon inspection.

Please note that we must inspect the condition of the paintwork to give a final estimate on our Pro Buff & Polish package.

Paint Protection –

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