Scratch and Dent Gold Coast

Scratch Removal

Remove those unsightly marks and scratches! Found a key scratch on your car? While less conspicuous than your average dent or scrape, a fine surface scratch will still affect the value of the car. When you’ve got more than one on your hands, your car’s value can really start to plummet.

Luckily, fine car scratch repair is very affordable and can be done on site across the Gold Coast – if you are selling your car, scratch repair can add hundreds or more to the sale price of your car!

Stone Chip Repairs


Stone chips can be bad news for your car and should be repaired sooner rather than later. Stone chips can gouge away layers of paint and left untouched can cause the exposed metal to rust!

Don’t let a small chip turn into a huge rust problem down the track.

Avoid rust spots and unsightly chips that suck the value out of your car! Call Bumper Pro Gold Coast today on 0404 156 288 or submit and enquiry online for a FREE same day smart quote!

Doors Mirrors and Handle Repairs

Parking and opening your car in tight spaces can result in wear and tear on door mirrors and door handles. They are often the last thing we are thinking about as we swing the door open, until it is too late!

Whether opening your door onto a wall or scratching them with keys or jewellery, the marks are easy to cause and used to be difficult and painful to fix. Bumper Pro can repair these scratches and unsightly damage in a matter of hours at your home or office.

Did you keep putting off fixing that annoying mark on the door or mirror? It costs less than you think and if you submit an online quote with a picture, we can give you a smart quote ASAP!



Vehicle Detailing with DetailPro

detailprofullsize400pxIf you need professional vehicle detailing on the Gold Coast then you need DetailPro!

We offer both mobile auto detailing and detailing on site at our Burleigh Heads centre, from a hand washing and vaccuuming to Pro Deluxe detail packages and complete buff and polishes.

Prepare your vehicle for sale or maintain that beautiful shine with professional detailing from DetailPro.

Click here to see our full range of vehicle detailing packages available across the Gold Coast.