Paintless Dent Removal Gold Coast

Panel dents and dings can happen to the best of us. Perhaps you (or the kids) opened a door just a bit too far, a runaway trolley made its mark or a parking mishap ruined the look of your car and reduce it’s value when it comes time to sell or trade.

So what is the answer? Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) by Bumper Pro Gold Coast of course!


Not sure if we can do it? Send us a picture of the damage so we can give you a quote!

Paintless Dent Removal is a specialised and precise technique that is used to remove minor dents and impressions on panel work in cases where the paintwork has not been broken or scratched severely.

Traditional dent repair involves panel beating to remove the worst of the dent, applying body filler also known as ‘bog’, sanding the area smooth and undercoating before the entire panel is resprayed. This process means a simple dent repair can be very expensive and time consuming process for a relatively simple repair.

On the other hand, paintless dent removal can be done here on the Gold Coast in just a matter of hours. First, we gain access behind the panel that is damaged and carefully push and massage the dent out with a wide variety of specialised hand tools that smooth the dent.

Whilst Bumper Pro Gold Coast love this technique, unfortunately, not every dent can be repaired with this technique. Sometimes the damage is just too severe and must be taken to our repair centre or the panel may need to be replaced all together.